PillarHall® Test Chip Data Sheet

Purpose of use: PillarHall® chip is a special test substrate for thin film deposition. PillarHall® test chip contains several lateral high aspect ratio (LHAR) microstructures. Lateral approach enables easy way to measure and quantify thin film conformality and other thin film characteristics in high aspect ratio structures.

OPTIONS: In addition, we have R&D prototypes that have variables like gap height (100nm and 2000 nm), layout design, chip size and electrical conductivity. Ask for more information.


Selected and inspected test chips. Delivery in vacuum release packages. PillarHall Analysis Guide follows with the delivery.

* DISCLAIMER: THE MATERIAL IS PROVIDED “AS IS”. There are no express or implied warranties of safety, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or non-infringement of third party rights.


PillarHall – introduction in SlideShare

Video: How to use PillarHall test chip

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