Unique MEMS-processes based PillarHall® lateral high aspect ratio test structures enable easy, cost-efficient and accurate measurements of thin film conformality and characterization of the fundamentals of thin film processes. PillarHall® LHAR4 test structures have an all-silicon design and are available as test chips (size 15x15 mm).

Conformality matters

Conformality is important in emerging 3D device applications e.g. in microelectronics, sensors and optics, but challenging to quantify. Traditional vertical test structures rely typically on time-consuming and expensive cross-sectional SEM/TEM analyses. Due to lateral approach, PillarHall® enables the use of conventional surface analysis tools and much faster and accessible and accurate analyses, even nondestructive wafer mapping.

”Turn your thinking 90 degrees”

PillarHall® line scans: route to understanding and optimising process fundamentals

Detailed line scans

Quick non-destructive analysis

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